Sunday, March 9, 2014

2 years! Happy Gotcha Day!

Well, actually, Gotcha Day was March 5, but I just didn't get around to posting to the blog. It's been a little crazy around here the last week or so. 
Hunter's birthday was at the end of February, and we surprised him with a visit from his best friend.

The artist decorated his cake.

A trip to the beach

Great time had by all and sad to say goodbye. 

Three days later..... well, since it's been two years since the Littles came home, that means......2 Year Post Placement Visit/Report. Yes. We've been in this townhouse for 4 months with furniture and boxes stacked wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Six people and three dogs. And LOTS of dirty SAND that multiplies every time we open the door. Excited to have a NEW social worker, whom we've never met, come and evaluate how we are doing? Not particularly. However, God was so gracious and sent Ms. Susan, who was very encouraging and made me feel right at ease. It was a very nice visit. 

Then a swim meet, Leaders' Club rally, and mounds of laundry later...
It's Sunday, and the little peanut will be four on Tuesday. She wants a chocolate Minnie Mouse cake. Hoping the artist will help me out with that!!

Happy TWO years Gotcha Day, Annabelle and Timothy!!!

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